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Absolutely wonderful sessions this week on
Developing self through Generosity...

Thank you for everything you all brought to the conversation, and the energy to bring the conversation to life!

A major challenge when it comes to giving freely is the mechanisms in place to keep us safe from the hostility created by a lack of connection on a societal level.

And so it becomes easier to be less kind & compassionate towards strangers.

The ‘act’ or ‘doing’ generosity can feel depleting and the common response is that we need to reserve ourselves from giving ‘too generously’.

But then a little deeper, the pattern becomes that this version of ‘generosity’ is really an exchange to receive what we have not been creating within ourselves yet.

We moved into discovering generosity is more effective and sustainable through a way of being rather than an action or something we do.

Annnnd so many more points!

I personally want to acknowledge how much I loved the quality and depth once again this week.

Thank you.

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