Criteria #3

Given the level of awareness that you all already had on this topic, we were able to really extend to some fantastic depth of conversation. 

  • Exploring the theme of Just do more in order to increase competency and in turn feeling confident, we looked at ways that we choose to hold ourselves back from taking action.

  • The immediate points that came up quickly was a lack of self worth and feeling of not deserving the desired outcome. Which in turn hindered actually going for it. As we dug a little deeper, we unlocked the feeling of deserving the outcome can be generated through going on the journey to earn the reward/outcome.

  • And another big one everyone could relate with being procrastination - oh only if there were the magic pill. But then together we unlocked the unconscious thinking that allows us to run this strategy to feel safe and certain which is perceived as ‘happiness’. We think that if we don't take action we will give ourselves happiness  - well that's the great lie! 

So what do we need to embrace when approaching this?

Check the video below!

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