Enjoy this complimentary 5 part workshop series introducing the 3 pillars that every success entrepreneur has used to accelerate their results. Immediately dive in below, no enrolment necessary to find out what the full 21-week program covers when you join The Vault of Parallaxx Transformations!


 Before diving in, I am curious, what standards do you set for yourself to to ensure that you will not only get what you are seeking from being here? What will you commit to, to squeeze as much of the value you can from what you are about to experience?

Maybe it is 

  • To be fully present and engaged throughout each module? 
  • Commitment to connecting with a life-changing idea?
  • To take immediate implementation based on this? 
  • To journal or share with someone close what your key takeaways were for you? 

You decide! Let’s bring it.

Part 1: Adventurepreneur

I am often asked, “...but why Adventurepreneurship”?
In this first session, we discover why Adventure is such an important frame of thinking to bring to this journey.

Part 2: Vision

The importance of vision might sound like a cliche by now… or maybe you are like, "I have no idea" instead, and you are not alone.

Very few people actually know what they want. But are experts on what they don’t want?

As a result, this accounts for a large majority of symptoms that look like ‘problems’ for many people.

Part 3: Values

Have you ever thought about how you became who you are today? 

This is such an important conversation, let's open it up right now together.

Part 4: Velocity

Even if you are a procrastinator, procrastinating is still an action!
Maybe you’re busy in the areas you tell yourself is important, or not…?

The point is we are taking action all the time. Doing stuff isn’t difficult, it's taking care of what is important most people struggle with.

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